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Woman injured in sidewalk fall awarded $725,000

It can be very easy for people to assume that a slip-and-fall accident is nothing more than a clumsy mistake on their part. However, they may not realize that they have been the victim of a serious hazard that could have been prevented.

Many people in California who slip or trip because of a hazard suffer serious and life-long injuries that can be extremely painful. Often times, victims break bones or injury their back or neck. Rather than dismiss the pain and assume nothing can be done about it, people may want to consider speaking with an attorney in order to determine whether or not negligence played a role in a slip-and-fall accident

This is the course of action one woman took after she got hurt in a fall on a public sidewalk. The woman fractured discs in her spine and broke her wrist in the fall. She also is now coping with the painful muscle and joint condition called fibromyalgia and has been experiencing unusual levels of fatigue. Her injuries proved to be serious and were similar to the types of injuries that a person who fell two stories would have suffered. Rather than shouldering the burden of lost wages and medical bills on her own, the woman took legal action.

Although the fall happened on a public sidewalk, the hazard that caused her fall came from a building next to the sidewalk. According to reports, gravel from a landscaping project at the private property spilled out onto the public sidewalk, creating a dangerous condition for people using the sidewalk. It was successfully argued that by not properly containing the gravel, the building owners were entirely at fault for the woman's accident. A jury awarded the woman a total of $725,000 in economic and noneconomic damages. 

Source: The Register-Guard, "Jurors award $725,000 in fall," Greg Bolt, Sept. 5, 2013