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October 2013 Archives

Previous injuries questioned for man in rock-toppling incident

Like many events that come back to haunt a person, it all started with a video. Glenn Taylor and another man were recorded toppling over an ancient rock formation in Utah while leading a group Boy Scout outing. Since the video surfaced, people have been very quick to judge the men's decision and now they could actually face felony charges. But the men have said that while it may have been a bad decision, they pushed the boulder over to protect others because that they were afraid that, since the rock was teetering on a small point, it could easily fall over and seriously injure someone. 

2 pedestrians injured by hit-and-run driver in California

It was a night that will likely change two women's lives forever, though it started out as much the same as every other evening they had gotten together. A 59-year-old woman and her 73-year-old friend were out on one of their nightly walks together when a reckless driver put their lives in danger.