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Previous injuries questioned for man in rock-toppling incident

Like many events that come back to haunt a person, it all started with a video. Glenn Taylor and another man were recorded toppling over an ancient rock formation in Utah while leading a group Boy Scout outing. Since the video surfaced, people have been very quick to judge the men's decision and now they could actually face felony charges. But the men have said that while it may have been a bad decision, they pushed the boulder over to protect others because that they were afraid that, since the rock was teetering on a small point, it could easily fall over and seriously injure someone. 

But it was the serious injuries that Taylor suffered years ago that have since been called into question. After the video showing Taylor pushing over the rock went viral, one man in particular took note. He had been sued by Taylor recently for injuries he had suffered in a car accident back in 2009.

According to reports, Taylor had filed a personal injury lawsuit against the man saying that he had suffered permanent and debilitating injuries after the car accident, including a back injury. But now the man says that the video proves that he is not as badly injured as he claim

But Taylor has said that he did not have to push very hard at all to move the boulder from its platform. In fact, that is why they were concerned in the first place; it appeared as though the rock could tip at any moment. While it may not look good, the video does not necessarily prove that the man's injuries from the accident did not exist.

Being hurt in an accident can be a life-altering event. The pains and discomfort caused by even a minor crash can continue to affect a person's life long after an accident, but there are many times when other parties will try to challenge or deny reports that a victim has been as badly hurt as he or she claims. In these difficult situations, it can be beneficial to work with a Palm Springs attorney who can not only help a person pursue compensation for their injuries, but can also speak on their behalf when and if their claims are challenged.

Source: CNN, "Man seen toppling boulder claims 'debilitating injuries' from car crash in recent lawsuit," Kyung Lah and Tom Watkins, Oct. 23, 2013

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