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This Thanksgiving, be thankful for safe road travel in California

Many people across California will be heading out next week to spend time with family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday. And according to statistics, a whopping 90 percent of people traveling for Thanksgiving festivities will be doing so in their car. With more people on the road, there may be more hazards that can put people in danger of getting into a crash.

Because this is a very popular time for road travel, it may be an excellent opportunity to remind motorists of some safe driving behaviors that can help to prevent a serious car accident from ruining the holiday.

Too many car accidents are caused by impaired drivers. During holidays like Thanksgiving, people are going out to parties, staying out late, drinking, reconnecting with loved ones and eating heavy meals. This can put drivers in a position to be impaired by fatigue, distraction or alcohol and each of these factors can make a driver very dangerous behind the wheel. In order to prevent an accident, drivers will want to avoid getting behind the wheel if they are affected by these conditions.

Another main cause of accidents over the holidays is related to car maintenance. Bad weather, long road trips and traffic congestion can put a lot of strain on a motor vehicle. Before this can result in a dangerous situation, drivers can make sure their care is working safely. This can include checking or replacing tires, having a professional address warning lights that may be on and making sure there is fuel in the gas tank. 

Taking the time to drive safely should not take a backseat during the holiday. Drivers may want to be even more focused on safe driving habits during this time, as this could prevent a serious car accident from disrupting an otherwise cheerful holiday.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, "Nearly 40 Million People Will Hit the Road Over Thanksgiving - Car Maintenance and Safety Should Be a Key Consideration," Nov. 20, 2013

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