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Lawsuit filed after cabinet crash injures visitor

Property owners have a responsibility to make sure that their premises are safe and hazard-free for everyone, including tenants and visitors. If an accident occurs because of negligent maintenance or unsafe equipment, a person could be seriously injured. In many cases, victims may think that there is little that can be done about accidents that happen on another person's property. However, with legal support, it is possible to file a lawsuit seeking damages from a property owner who failed in his or her obligation to maintain safe premises.

Recently, for example, a woman in another state was visiting her daughter's apartment to help her do some cleaning. However, the day quickly took a turn when the woman was permanently injured in an accident in the apartment. She recently filed a premises liability claim against the complex owners seeking compensatory damages. Palm Springs residents may be interested in this case, as it could very well happen to anyone. 

According to her lawsuit, the woman says that she went to the apartment where her daughter was living to help with some cleaning. She climbed onto a counter in the kitchen in order to clean the top of the refrigerator. As the woman was kneeling on the counter, a cabinet in the kitchen toppled over and fell on the woman. She was tossed across the room and suffered a serious bone fracture. 

The woman claims that the apartment complex owners were negligent in securing the cabinets to the walls, which could have prevented them from falling on top of her. As is common in these types of accidents, the woman's injuries resulted in medical bills for which she has been responsible. She has also been unable to enjoy life in the same way as she could before the accident. Citing these damages, the woman filed a lawsuit and is pursuing compensation.

It can be difficult to determine if an injury was caused by a negligent property owner. In some cases, there is nothing that could have been done to prevent an accident. But in other cases, it is determined that failed maintenance, substandard production or other preventable hazards were in place, which could mean that a property owner can be held liable. People who are in a similar situation to the woman discussed in this post may want to speak with an attorney in order to explore their legal options.

Source: The West Virginia Record, "Woman sues apartment complex, alleges cabinet crash," Kyla Asbury, Dec. 24, 2013

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