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11 unsafe drivers arrested in one night near Palm Springs

Driving safely is something that many of us try to do every time we get in our vehicle. We use our blinkers and practice defensive driving; we don't speed or get into the car after drinking too much. But no matter how many preventative measures we may take to avoid getting hurt, all it takes for an accident to happen is one other driver who failed to take these same precautions. 

Unfortunately, unsafe drivers can be found in any city on any road. It may be a teenage driver who is texting behind the wheel or a frustrated parent driving rowdy kids to day care. It could be a woman without a valid driver's license or a man who has been drinking. These are just some of the drivers that can put others in danger whenever they are on the road. It may be impossible to punish every driver for engaging in these dangerous behaviors, but police in and around Palm Springs regularly concentrate their efforts on stopping as many as they can.

For example, authorities in Thermal, California, recently set up a checkpoint at an intersection in order to stop and arrest drivers who were driving drunk. In less than nine hours overnight, they had stopped and arrested 11 drivers for serious offenses. Seven other drivers were ticketed for various traffic violations. 

According to reports, the drivers who were arrested were engaged in dangerous behaviors at the time police stopped them at the checkpoint. Police reported that they arrested people for driving without a license, driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol and being in possession of narcotics. One driver was arrested after police determined he had a DUI warrant. 

All of these arrests and citations were issued at just one checkpoint at one intersection in one night. The report represents just a small slice of how many dangerous drivers may be out on the road at any given time. When there are no checkpoints or police to stop them, these reckless drivers can go on to cause a serious car accident and injure other people. Victims should remember, however, that even if a negligent driver couldn't be stopped before an accident, he or she can still be held liable for the damages suffered as a result of that accident.

Source: The Desert Sun, "Thermal checkpoint nets 11 arrests," Sherry Barkas, March 9, 2014

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