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Fatal swimming pool accident raises questions in California

People all over Palm Springs have a swimming pool in their backyard or have fairly easy access to one close by. Swimming pools can be popular on hot days and during backyard parties, and Californians appreciate and enjoy the benefits of being in a pool. However, it is crucial to remember that a pool can be a serious hazard and homeowners must take certain precautions in order to keep the area safe.

Owners should pay close attention to keeping their pools free from hazards, which can involve installing adequate fencing, posting depth warnings, maintaining the drains and performing repairs that ensure a pool is safe. If these precautions are not taken, a person could get seriously injured or drown in a swimming pool accident.

That was the tragedy that one California family suffered recently after a 4-year-old boy wandered off to a neighbor's house and drowned in their pool one afternoon.

Details on the incident are still limited, but authorities believe the boy and the pool were unattended when he fell or jumped into the pool. They are still not sure how such a young child could get into a properly-secured pool, so an investigation is underway to determine if the owners may have failed to take adequate steps to keep kids out of the pool area.

Despite the recreational and fun nature of swimming pools, the fact is that they can be very dangerous if they are not properly maintained. Having a pool can be a lot of work and some owners ignore or do not know about all the steps they are supposed to take to make sure it is safe.

In the event that a person is injured or killed in a swimming pool on someone's property, victims or their families may want to consider pursuing a claim against a negligent owner. Not only could legal action result in compensation, it could also force property owners to address and repair unsafe conditions.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, "Boy, 4, Who Wandered Away From Home, Drowns," Jack Noyes and Jason Kandel, March 22, 2014

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