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Delaying medical care after accident can be a painful mistake

Victims of any accident may try to minimize the severity of their injuries. They may just want to put an incident behind them and just try to move on. However, seeking medical help after a car accident, slip-and-fall accident or any other type of painful injury suffered as a result of another party's negligence can be crucial in establishing the extent of physical damage that has been suffered.

However, even those who seek medical treatment after an accident may still deal with widespread pain issues long after an accident. In some cases, doctors fail to identify and treat these injuries effectively right away and victims can experience an increase in pain over time.

Unlike more apparent injuries, such as broken bones, bleeding or swelling, many of the injuries suffered in events like a car crash may not immediately be noticeable. It may take days or even weeks for a person to start noticing persistent back pain, neck pain, limited mobility or the effects of a concussion. And it may take even long for a victim to realize that their injuries are not getting better. 

In fact, researchers believe that about 10 percent of people who are injured in a car accident develop widespread pain that continues to get worse over time. According to one study of 895 adults who visiting the emergency room after a car crash, 78 of them reported widespread pain that had not gone away a full year after the accident.

This information should remind readers in Palm Springs that the injuries suffered in an accident can be much more serious than they may realize initially. What may feel like a stiff neck could turn into chronic pain that requires surgery, physical therapy, and medication and could end up making it impossible for a person to return to work. This all can result in increased financial burdens on victims and their families. Rather than trying to deal with this difficult situation alone, however, injured parties can speak with an attorney in order to determine whether legal action and a claim for compensation may be appropriate.

Source: MedPage Today, "Treat Car Crash Pain Early On, Lest It Linger," Ed Susman, May 5, 2014

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