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Northern California collision kills 4

A head-on collision in Sacramento County resulted in four deaths and serious injuries to two people. according to authorities. Reportedly, the Dec. 26 crash occurred around 1:30 a.m., when a southbound Buick LeSabre traversed the centerline on San Juan Avenue and continued traveling in the path of oncoming traffic.

The Buick struck a northbound Subaru Outback. The collision was forceful and resulted in the Buick catching fire.

The driver of the Outback, a 26-year-old man, suffered injuries in the crash and received immediate transport to a hospital, where officials listed him in serious condition. Among the Buick's five occupants, three died on account of the fire, authorities stated. Nearby resident helped extract the other two from the burning vehicle, one of whom would later die at a hospital on account of injuries suffered during the incident.

According to officials, investigators did not arrive at any conclusive findings with regard to the accident's cause immediately following the accident. The investigation is ongoing, with investigators purportedly suspecting that excessive speed might have been a contributory factor.

With most car accidents that result in injury or death, the accompanying investigation by police goes a long way toward deciding whether the incident warrants legal action, both criminal and civil. For, investigations yielding incontrovertible evidence that the accident should not have occurred but for the wrongdoing of one or more parties may be used not only by prosecuting attorneys to build a criminal case but also by personal injury lawyers representing accident victims who wish to file suit in civil court. Both types of legal action may take place concurrently even though they are to be adjudicated independently.

Source: Fox News, "4 dead in fiery Northern Calif. car crash", December 26, 2014

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