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DUI suspect arrested in accident that killed 3

According to California authorities, a 38-year-old man has been arrested for driving under the influence in an accident that killed three other men. The accident happened on Highway 113 south of Yuba City.

The defendant, a resident of Oroville, was travelling northbound when he veered out of his lane. He overcorrected and hit a southbound vehicle containing three passengers head-on. The southbound car flipped over and burst into flames. The three men were killed, and the defendant did not report any serious injuries. According to California Highway Patrol, the man was thought to be under the influence of some type of substance that could have caused the accident. It was unknown at the time of the report whether he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He has been charged with driving under the influence and manslaughter. These are both felony charges.

The law allows for the families of those who were killed as a result of negligent behavior to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the contributing party. The families can claim damages for funeral expenses, medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering as a result of the accident. However, the families must be able to prove in a court of law that the at-fault party was exceptionally negligent in their behavior and that the wrongful death was a direct result of that negligence. In cases where the at-fault party was under the influence of drugs or alcohol in a car crash, it would seem relatively easy to prove such a claim. However, the rules and regulations for filing a wrongful death lawsuit and proving a claim can be especially complicated.

In order to understand all options the law affords to families who have suffered the wrongful death of a loved one, it could be helpful to seek the advice of a wrongful death attorney. The attorney may be able to suggest legal alternatives to help get the maximum benefit from a wrongful death lawsuit in the most expeditious manner possible.

Source: CBS Sacramento,"3 Killed in Head-On Crash on Highway 113; DUI Suspect Arrested, April 25, 2015

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