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September 2015 Archives

Spate of massive auto recalls reopens car accident cases

California motorists are likely aware that in 2014, automakers recalled a record-breaking 64 million vehicles in the United States, and deadly defects plagued some of the vehicles. Ignition switch defects now acknowledged by General Motors Corp. resulted in convictions of drivers who were involved in deadly crashes, but many courts are now taking another look at this subject. Some defendants accepted plea bargain deals even when they insisted that they had lost control of their cars through no fault of their own.

7 car accident issues for Californians to be aware of

California residents should be aware that motor vehicle accidents can cause physical injuries that might not appear right away. In some cases, the mental fog that might follow an accident can make it difficult to focus or think, masking symptoms. Some people are hit by so many thoughts and concerns that they do not notice their symptoms either. However, some issues do not present any signs at all until several days have passed. Because some of these problems could be serious, people involved in accidents should seek immediate attention from a medical professional.