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7 car accident issues for Californians to be aware of

California residents should be aware that motor vehicle accidents can cause physical injuries that might not appear right away. In some cases, the mental fog that might follow an accident can make it difficult to focus or think, masking symptoms. Some people are hit by so many thoughts and concerns that they do not notice their symptoms either. However, some issues do not present any signs at all until several days have passed. Because some of these problems could be serious, people involved in accidents should seek immediate attention from a medical professional.

Headaches may develop a few days after an accident, and these are common. Sometimes they are a sign of a serious problem such as a concussion, injury to the neck or head or even a blood clot on the brain. Stiffness or pain in the neck or shoulders may also happen a few days after an accident. This is often a symptom of whiplash, which can be serious. Numbness is another whiplash symptom. Back pain may also occur, signaling potential damage to the vertebrae.

Abdominal pain or swelling is another symptom that may not appear right away. This could indicate internal bleeding, which can be life-threatening and requires emergency care even though it may go undiscovered for some time. Victims of car accidents should also watch out for changes in personality or physical function, which could be a sign of a traumatic brain injury. Post-traumatic stress disorder is another problem that may arise after an accident.

A person who has been injured as a result of a collision caused by the negligence of another motorist may be able to obtain compensation. Victims of car accidents may want to contact personal injury attorneys for assistance in examining their options. Legal counsel may be able to help victims seek damages for pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages due to an inability to return to work.

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