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November 2015 Archives

GM may have to pay punitive damages

A ruling handed down by a New York federal judge may open General Motors to punitive damages in addition to actual damages incurred by people in California and elsewhere whose vehicles' ignition switches proved to be faulty, costing the lives of at least 169 persons. The judge's argument is based on a presumption that after GM declared bankruptcy and emerged into the marketplace again, GM staff and their accompanying knowledge joined the new company that was formed.

NHTSA targets young drivers' party choices

Although California parents realize that peer pressure can be difficult for their teen drivers to resist, they also understand that the financial aftermath of a DUI accident can be difficult for the entire family. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also realizes that peer pressure can be a serious influence, and it has used this facet of teen life in its latest public service campaign. Coordinating with the Ad Council and several agencies offering their services pro bono, the NHTSA has taken the idea of a party foul and associated it with impaired driving, comparing the decision to drink and drive to other far less-serious missteps like spilling a drink at a party.