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December 2015 Archives

Driverless cars have high accident rate

Several accidents involving autonomous cars in California have exposed a key flaw of driverless vehicles. Cars like the self-driving Google Lexus SUV and the Cadillac SRX are often involved in minor collisions because they operate too cautiously and always follow the speed limit. The accidents have raised questions about whether or not driverless vehicles should be programmed to follow the law at all times.

New regulation against truck driver coercion coming

California truck drivers and carriers may want to learn about a new rule announced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The new rule provides more severe penalties for carriers, brokers and shippers who coerce truck drivers into driving through threats of reduced hours, fewer loads and other economic means.

Wheelchair users more vulnerable in car accidents

California wheelchair users may be more vulnerable than other pedestrians to injury when hit by a car. According to a study conducted by Georgetown University researchers, wheelchair users are 36 percent more likely to be killed in an accident than pedestrians who are not so restrained.