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February 2016 Archives

NHTSA letter is step forward for driverless cars

California has put forth a proposal that self-driving cars should be required to have a licensed driver aboard and steering wheel, but Google and other companies working on developing the cars say that allowing a human driver to take over might be a safety issue. Based on a letter of Feb. 4 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, they may have some support in that position. The NHTSA said in the letter that the artificial intelligence that drives the cars will be considered the driver under federal law.

Safer cars are coming to California

Using a variety of new technologies, Volvo is planning on creating what it calls a death-proof car by 2020. The Swedish manufacturer has been studying crash data to try to understand what it can do to help drivers avoid fatal accidents. According to Volvo, the new vehicles will prevent serious injuries and deaths, provided that the driver is not behaving recklessly.