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Safer cars are coming to California

Using a variety of new technologies, Volvo is planning on creating what it calls a death-proof car by 2020. The Swedish manufacturer has been studying crash data to try to understand what it can do to help drivers avoid fatal accidents. According to Volvo, the new vehicles will prevent serious injuries and deaths, provided that the driver is not behaving recklessly.

The new vehicles will rely on a combination of established safety technology and newer innovations. Along with seat belts and airbags, a variety of sensors and cameras will be installed in automobiles to help people avoid crashes. For example, lane assistance, which have started showing up in vehicles recently, alert drivers when they are moving out of their lane.

Another type of technology that will likely be included in these vehicles is one that notifies the driver if they are approaching a pedestrian or animal in the road. Along with notifying the driver of the obstacle, the vehicle may automatically brake to avoid a crash.

Beyond heightened safety measures, companies like Google and Tesla have been working on self-driving cars, and Volvo has stated that its 2020 plans should help to demonstrate the safety of autonomous vehicles. Nonetheless, even if Volvo is able to keep its promise of manufacturing a vehicle that is able to prevent car accidents from causing catastrophic injuries, it still would not eliminate the costs that are normally associated with crashes. If someone is in an accident, he or she still has to deal with vehicle repairs and the cost of a rental car while their automobile is in the shop. Additionally, injuries may require medical attention, leading to medical bills. A lawyer could possibly assist someone who has been in a crash by helping them seek appropriate compensation for these expenses.

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