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Sleep may promote brain injury recovery

California residents who play sports may know that sleep is the best bet for those who suffer from a head injury. A study using rats that has been conducted by Swiss researchers found that the slow-wave cycle of sleep could reduce potential damage caused by the injury.

Research has shown that traumatic brain injuries result in axonal damage and cause neurotoxic molecular waste buildup. The results of the Swiss study showed that inducing the slow-wave sleep state allows the brain to clear out the buildup. It also appeared to prevent axonal damage and helps preserve brain function in the rats. While the results were promising, there are still steps that must be taken before this method can be used for treatment in humans.

Most importantly, the underlying mechanisms require more research. The researchers of the rat study intend to collaborate with other institutions to find non-surgical techniques that could improve the outlook for those who suffered traumatic brain injuries. While this study does not provide a cure, it can be a starting point for finding a method that could potentially be developed for clinical practice.

While many people associated brain injuries with contact sports like football, car accidents or sudden falls are often a cause as well. Brain injury victims often require extensive medical care and treatment, and many are unable to return to gainful employment, further draining their financial resources. In the event that the injury was due to the negligence of another party, such as a distracted or impaired driver, an attorney may be of assistance to the victim in pursuing compensation for these and other losses.

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