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Distracted driving should be avoided

Californians need to be aware of the dangers posed by distracted driving. With many different types of in-dash infotainment options in newer vehicles, some people have the mistaken notion that the placement of these devices mean that they are safe to use while they drive.

When people use hands-free technology options in their cars while they drive, their attention is distracted away from the road. This can substantially increase the likelihood of causing accidents. Experts say that people who use technology while they drive will be distracted both while they are using it as well as after doing so.

Cellphone use while driving remains a huge issue, whether the cellphone is handheld or hands-free. Because people can become distracted by having a conversation on their telephone, they may then be unaware of dangers around them on the highway. Some states have reacted by prohibiting the use of cellphones while driving, and most have a complete ban on texting while driving. It should be noted, of course, that cellphones and GPS systems are not the only things that can cause a motorist to become inattentive. Eating or having a sip of coffee can take a driver's eyes away from the road, and even a brief interruption can prove dangerous.

Texting and driving or talking on cellphones while behind the wheel can result in car accidents and serious injuries. Unfortunately, it is much harder to prove that a driver was distracted than it is to prove alcohol impairment. Attorneys representing plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits can often obtain orders to search a driver's cellphone records to see if there was any activity immediately preceding an accident.

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