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Manufacturers installing Takata airbags despite upcoming recall

California motorists may want to check if their vehicles have Takata airbags, which will be the subject of a massive recall scheduled for 2018. These bags, which can explode violently, have been blamed for severely wounding and killing car occupants.

Despite the upcoming recall, at least four car manufacturers have still been installing the bags in new cars. Under the law, carmakers are allowed to install the bags because the recall hasn't happened yet. The recall is already planned and will likely affect as many as 65 million airbags.

The vehicles in which the airbags are installed must all be recalled for repairs by the end of 2018. Automakers are not required to let buyers know that they are purchasing cars that contain defective parts that will need to be recalled. Takata, the manufacturer of the airbags, has said it is upping the production of replacement parts to meet the demands of the automakers. The size of the recall means that automakers are having a hard time getting the replacement parts they need to repair the bags, which contain faulty ammonium nitrate inflators.

People who are injured by dangerous products may be able to sue those involved in placing the defective product on the market. When an individual properly uses an item but is injured due to a defect, he or she may be able to recover damages through a products liability lawsuit. Because these types of lawsuits are often very complex, one may want to consult with a personal injury attorney who accept products liability cases. An attorney might analyze the case in order to determine whether or not the product at issue appears to have had a defect.

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