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Premises liability issues for airports

Californians who fly their own airplanes should be aware of insurance coverage options for airport premises. Most businesses and individuals leasing property on airport grounds or in hangars are required to carry liability insurance that protects against negligence. Such contracts typically refer to general, public and premises liability in addition to the liability of tenants and owners. While all parties are responsible for their own actions, signed liability agreements can result in confused responsibility.

In some cases, agreements pass all liability to the lessee of a business located in an airport. This means that the lessee is responsible regardless of who took the negligent action that led to an injury. It is important for lessees to consult their insurance brokers and legal representation before signing any liability agreement in order to ensure that all liability terms are properly understood.

Reasonable liability contracts require lessees to hold responsibility for their own negligence. The limits of coverage under these contracts are typically affordable and easily understood. Some policies can be endorsed to add premises liability coverage for a low premium increase or no charge at all. Standard general liability policies feature premiums of between $750 and $2,000. Before purchasing separate premises liability policies, lessees should endorse current hangar policies to add liability or check to ensure that they do not already possess this coverage.

Premises liability issues can involve slip and fall accidents, icy parking lots and animal attacks among other incidents. Victims of an accident that occurs on airport property may benefit from consulting with a personal injury attorney. A lawyer can help advise the injured party as to who is responsible for the accident and whether it is advisable to file a lawsuit.

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