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September 2016 Archives

Research could lead to spinal cord injury breakthrough

Technology and manufacturing companies in California and around the country have found a number of unusual uses for graphene. The highly flexible material has been used to improve batteries, keep aircraft wings ice free and more make durable natural gas containers, and researchers from Rice University say that combining graphene nano ribbons with a widely used polymer could lead to a breakthrough in the treatment of severe spinal cord injuries.

Older drivers could benefit from car safety technology

Senior citizens in California represent a portion of the many drivers in the state. Older drivers may experience more problems with driving safely due to physical and mental challenges that sometimes come with age. At the same time, older people may suffer more serious injuries when involved in traffic accidents. New automobile technology could make driving safer for all drivers, and it's coming just as the oldest baby boomers are reaching their 70s.

California Pedestrian Safety Month

September is California Pedestrian Safety Month. Due to the increased number of pedestrian fatalities and injuries, the California State Senate passed a resolution to make this month California Pedestrian Safety Month. Local police departments and other local and state agencies will be doing their part to promote awareness to both drivers and pedestrians about how to safely share the road.

Reducing the speed of trucks on California highways

Trucks weighing more than 20,000 pounds may soon be built not to exceed 60 miles per hour if a new rule is passed. While all 3.6 million large trucks in America are fitted with speed limiting devices already, not all of them have any limitations to how fast they can drive. The rule, which was proposed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, is currently in a 60-day comment period. After the comment period ends, it will be determined whether or not the new rule should be implemented.