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Road blocks to tired truckers have been reduced

The trucking industry in California received some good news as did the rest of the trucking industry throughout the U.S. A news source revealed that despite the current administration's effort to force truck drivers to stop driving when they're tired, Republican legislators were successful in hindering the enforcement of this regulation.

Additional efforts will be made by the American Trucking Association to continue the restriction of rules that prohibit truck drivers from driving regardless of their lack of alertness. The idea of enforcing truck drivers to rest more than the current state guidelines seems unfair to the association. However, the concept of a single guideline would be more suitable for highway truck drivers.

This issue has become more than a debate particularly among safety advocates who are worried about the presidential transition. One of the concerns is that the current regulations will not be regarded if the new administration agrees with the trucking administration's mindset. Additional concerns include the possibility of exceeding truck cargo weight and the extension of truck trailers.

Despite scientific evidence that truckers need sleep between 1 a.m. to 5 a.m., regulations were blocked in order to permit limited rest time for truckers. The Obama administration wanted 75 hours of rest time approved, but the Republican legislators fought to keep the current 35-hour rest period after a 35-hour work week. Some truck drivers admitted that they have challenges locating adequate resting stations and are forced to continue their trips.

This type of safety issue put lives at risk, especially when truck accidents occur. When regulations or lack of regulations reduce safety, truck drivers are forced to push themselves beyond their physical limit, and other drivers are exposed to negligence. When these situations result in catastrophic injuries or fatalities, a personal injury lawyer may be able to find out if safety regulations were violated.

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