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January 2017 Archives

Apple sued over distracted driving accidents

The number of road users killed or injured in distracted driving accidents has been on the increase, and a group of California residents who suffered injuries at the hands of distracted drivers have filed a lawsuit against Apple over an unreleased safety feature. The class action litigation calls on the technology giant to offer the feature to current iPhone owners and include it in all future models of the popular handset.

Crash involving multiple vehicles

On Jan. 11, 2017, a 29-year-old woman lost control of her vehicle near Lompoc at just before 6:30 a.m. According to the California Highway Patrol report, the woman was traveling northwards on Highway 1 and caused a domino effect that resulted in multiple wrecks.

NHTSA proposes cellphone distracted driving rules

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has asked cellphone companies to develop features that could reduce the growing number of distracted driving accidents in California and around the country. The request was contained in a set of guidelines proposed by the federal safety agency that aim to curb the growing use of mobile electronic devices by drivers. The public has until Feb. 3 to submit comments and suggestions about the proposals.