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March 2017 Archives

Determining fault in car accidents

Many California car accidents are the result of someone failing to brake on time or not braking at all. In the majority of cases, these crashes are the result of human error. People who aren't paying enough attention to brake on time and motorists following too closely to have enough time to stop are frequently responsible for car accidents. However, there are some occasions where a person's brakes fail or are faulty.

Spring break injuries and liability

There are a number of injuries that California residents might suffer while on spring break or another vacation, and in some cases, another party might be liable in an injury. For example, if a person is a crime victim, it might also be possible to collect civil compensation. This was the case when a person was stabbed by a gang member at a sponsored event and a lawsuit was filed against Coca-Cola and a hotel. It may also be possible to sue the person who commits the crime. The property owner at other events ranging from a private house party to a large business or public entity might also be liable if people are injured while on their premises.

Study finds significant increase in trampoline injuries

Children in California and throughout the country might be at greater risk for injuries related to trampoline use since the parks have become more popular. According to a study that was published in "Pediatrics," there were 7,000 emergency room visits that resulted from trampoline accidents in 2014 compared to fewer than 600 in 2010. However, most of these accidents occurred at home rather than in parks. About one in every 11 people were admitted to the hospital following the emergency room visit.

Avoiding liability for skateboarding damages

Residents of California may not be aware that many property owners are concerned about being held responsible for any injuries that skateboarders may sustain on their grounds due to premises liability. However, posting the correct signage may absolve these individuals of an accountability.

Autonomous cars and liability claims

California is the headquarters of Google, which has been one of the pioneers in the development of self-driving cars. Many observers believe that autonomous vehicles will become ubiquitous on the nation's roadways in the future; although, much work remains to be done on certain aspects of the technology. One corollary aspect that has been discussed is the impact that these vehicles could have on auto insurance claims and motor vehicle accident lawsuits.

The High Incidence of California Pedestrian Accidents and Their Devastating Effects

Pedestrian accidents are a distressing and prevalent issue in California. Across the nation, pedestrian deaths represent nearly 15 percent of automobile accident fatalities, and California leads the nation in this horrifying statistic. In 2015, the number of pedestrian deaths in traffic accidents in California was at 23 percent.

Potential dangers at amusement parks in California

There are a variety of potential injuries that someone may suffer while at an amusement park. According to a study done by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were 2,800 to 4,300 mobile amusement ride injuries that required emergency room treatment between 1997 to 2003. Mobile amusement rides are used at mobile amusement parks, traveling carnivals and one-off events. Rides at fixed locations, such as Disneyland, are not included in this definition.

The link between daylight saving and car crashes

Turning the clocks forward one hour may disrupt the sleep cycles of California residents. By losing an hour of sleep, the entire country feels effects equivalent to jet lag. Daylight saving time was originally started during World War I and became standard in the 1960s. However, some believe that it may have outlived its usefulness.