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Spring break injuries and liability

There are a number of injuries that California residents might suffer while on spring break or another vacation, and in some cases, another party might be liable in an injury. For example, if a person is a crime victim, it might also be possible to collect civil compensation. This was the case when a person was stabbed by a gang member at a sponsored event and a lawsuit was filed against Coca-Cola and a hotel. It may also be possible to sue the person who commits the crime. The property owner at other events ranging from a private house party to a large business or public entity might also be liable if people are injured while on their premises.

While cruise ships may also be liable for personal injury, they are governed by maritime law, and this may be more complex than other accident cases. Another unusual type of injury that might happen while a person is on spring break is an infected tattoo. Even though people may have signed a waiver, they might still have legal recourse.

An injury in another state or a foreign country might be even more complex. If a tour operator is involved, it might be responsible, but it may be necessary to seek legal counsel in the location where the injury occurred.

Many of these types of injuries will take premises liability law into account. This is the law around the responsibility of a property owner to keep people on the property safe. That means that in addition to the types of incidents that might occur on spring break or another vacation, people may also be protected in the event that they slip on a wet floor at a business, fall on an unsafe staircase or sustain a similar type of injury.

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