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Study finds significant increase in trampoline injuries

Children in California and throughout the country might be at greater risk for injuries related to trampoline use since the parks have become more popular. According to a study that was published in "Pediatrics," there were 7,000 emergency room visits that resulted from trampoline accidents in 2014 compared to fewer than 600 in 2010. However, most of these accidents occurred at home rather than in parks. About one in every 11 people were admitted to the hospital following the emergency room visit.

The most serious types of injuries included open-leg fractures, spinal cord injuries and skull fractures. Less serious injuries, and the most common, were dislocations and sprains.

The bouncy floor surfaces at trampoline parks help reduce the likelihood of head injuries, although people who fall between trampolines may suffer more serious injuries. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children should not play on trampolines. If they do, there should be proper padding and adult supervision, and children should be alone on the trampoline and not attempt flips. However, the International Association of Trampoline Parks said the recreational benefits outweigh the dangers.

Whether an injury is relatively minor or serious, the owner of the trampoline may be liable for expenses related to the injury. This may be the private owner of the trampoline, such as a neighbor who has one in their yard, or it may be a trampoline park. If the owner is insured, the insurance company might pay these expenses. However, the owner may not be insured, or the amount offered might not be enough to cover medical expenses. The injured individual may want to consult an attorney to discuss their options. It may be possible to negotiate a higher compensation, or the injured person may want to file a civil lawsuit.

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