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Property owners may not be liable if there is an inherent risk

If a California concertgoer suffers injuries while at a venue, the owner of the venue is usually the one that is responsible for any liability claims. However, there are specific situations where a venue owner may not be held liable, especially if the concertgoer engages in an activity that has known inherent risks.

One example of a case involving inherent risk occurred at a New York hardcore rock concert. The claimant stated that he observed multiple people moshing in an area near the front of the stage. Although he denied being a part of the mosh pit on this particular night, he had engaged in the activity before and was aware of the inherent risks. Even so, he chose to stand near the stage directly in front of the mosh pit and suffered injuries when he was kicked from behind by someone who was moshing.

The claimant's attorney argued that the venue owner was responsible for the injuries as the injured concertgoer was not involved in the moshing. The venue argued that the concertgoer knew the risks and still chose to stand near the activity. Ultimately, the court dismissed the action as the claimant admitted to knowing the inherent risks.

If a concertgoer suffers an injury due to slippery floors or other hazards that are not properly marked, the owner of the property could potentially be held liable for any damages associated with the injuries. A premises liability attorney may help a victim file a lawsuit. The attorney might back the allegations by demonstrating that the property was not safe for visitors and that the property owners were aware of the hazards but made no attempt to mitigate them.

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