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Ankle injuries resulting from hazardous premises

A California resident who slips and falls while on someone else's property is at serious risk for suffering ankle injuries. Even minor ankle injuries can cause a person to suffer serious pain and experience limited mobility in the joint. Victims may have the grounds to file a claim against the owner of the property.

The ankle joint is comprised of three bones, tendons, ligaments and a joint capsule. When an injury occurs to the area, some or all of the ankle components can affected. This means that a person could suffer several different types of injuries, including fractures, sprains and strains or torn ligaments and tendons. Each ankle injury type could require months of recovery and treatment. In some cases, a person could suffer permanent limited mobility issues if the injury is severe enough.

There are several ways a person could suffer an ankle injury in a slip and fall accident. For example, a person could potentially roll their ankle if he or she slips on a wet surface or trips over uneven ground. Some slips or falls could cause the ankle to twist or hyperextend at the joint. Tripping over an object could also cause the ankle joint to bend unnaturally, potentially resulting in a break or torn ligaments and tendons.

Common property hazards can include wet floors, uneven ground and trip hazards in the pathway. Property owners are required to ensure that the grounds are safe for visitors and patrons. If they fail to mitigate a hazard or properly warn visitors of the hazard through signs, they could potentially be held responsible for medical costs and other damages if a person should trip and fall while on the property. An attorney could help the injured person pursue compensation for medical expenses if there is evidence of a dangerous condition.

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