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How to react after an accident caused by another driver

Whether an individual is involved in an accident in California or any other state, there are protocols that he or she should follow regardless of who is at fault. The first thing that someone should do is take a deep breath before confronting the other driver. He or she should try to remain calm even if the other driver flees the scene or is otherwise uncooperative after causing the crash.

If it's possible to safely do so, the individuals involved in the accident should move their vehicles to the side of the road. Then all the drivers and passengers should be checked to make sure that they are unharmed. An injured person should not be moved unless his or her safety is compromised. It is important that the driver who wasn't at fault collects as much information about the other driver as possible, including the individual's name, address and phone number.

It may be a good idea to call the police, who may create a report could be used as evidence in a lawsuit. People who are hurt in accidents that they didn't cause should keep notes about any injuries they sustained as well as any treatment they received. Finally, drivers should report the accident to their own insurance companies even if they were not at fault. This may allow the insurance company to take action against the other driver if necessary.

Car accidents may cause serious injuries regardless of how fast the vehicles involved were traveling when they collided. Those who get injured in car accidents may be entitled to compensation for their current and future medical bills. These individuals may also receive compensation for lost wages or future earnings if their injuries prevent them from working. However, this may only be true if the accident is caused by a distracted or otherwise negligent driver.

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