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The importance of insurance for amusement parks

While California residents may enjoy rollercoasters because of the thrills that they provide, insurance companies are more focused on the liability risk that they create. At the Emerald Glen Park at Dublin, a 10-year-old boy suffered cuts and scrapes while after being thrown from a water slide onto concrete. The ride had only been open for about 90 minutes when the incident occurred, and parts of the park had to be shutdown afterward.

Another 10-year-old boy was killed in an accident last year in Kansas when he was decapitated while on a water ride at Schlitterbahn WaterPark. The settlement in that case was believed to be near $20 million, but the exact terms of the deal were not disclosed. One attorney said that in addition to general liability insurance, a ride manufacturer may need to have excess liability as well as professional exposure liability coverage.

While such incidents are rare, they generally get a lot of coverage from the media. Determining who may be at fault for such an accident may be difficult. This is because an accident may occur because a ride operator didn't secure riders properly or allowed to ride to become too heavy. If the ride isn't maintained properly, the manufacturer may not be liable for damages after an incident involving its ride.

When an individual is on another person's property, it is generally the responsibility of property owners to take reasonable steps to keep that person safe. This may include making sure that products made by other parties are properly inspected and maintained. Those who are hurt because of the negligence of a property owner may be compensated for their injuries. Compensation may help to pay for medical bills related to the injury as well as to help recoup lost wages.

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