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July 2017 Archives

Spinal cord injuries and medical marijuana

California residents who are a motor vehicle accident might suffer a spinal cord injury. In an incomplete spinal cord injury, there is a partial loss of control and feeling while in a complete spinal cord injury, there is a total loss. Typical symptoms that result from either type of injury include muscle spasticity, pain and an uncomfortable bowel and bladder. However, studies have shown that medical marijuana can help with these symptoms.

Problem with local laws regarding sprinkler systems

Californians are sometimes injured or killed in fires that start in high-rise buildings. Some of these buildings do not have sprinklers installed, leading to pushes to pass laws requiring that they are installed in older buildings. A July 2017 fire in a Honolulu high-rise building in which three people were killed has led to renewed debate in states and cities across the country.

Driving deaths linked with economy

A growing and healthier economy is good news for California residents. However, some statistics show that this improvement may come at a cost. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety calculated that as unemployment decreases due to an overall increase in economic health, the number of traffic fatalities increases. Drivers should be aware of the increased dangers of the road and what to do if they are injured in an accident.

Higher highway speed limits could mean more fatalities

Like lots of motorists anywhere, many California drivers may find themselves speeding over highway limits either intentionally or due to not paying attention to speedometers. They may not realize that the faster they go, the more likely they'll be involved in a fatal car accident.

IIHS tests raise questions about Tesla Model S safety claims

Electric cars like the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Bolt are becoming an increasingly common sight in California and around the country, and many consumers choose these vehicles as much for their safety features as their modest operating costs. The Palo Alto-based electric carmaker Tesla has lauded its range-topping Model S as the safest vehicle ever offered for sale, but this was not the conclusion drawn by researchers at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety after subjecting the luxury sedan to a grueling series of crash tests.

3 important bicycle safety tips

Riding your bike comes with plenty of benefits. Whether you ride on the weekend for exercise or you use it to commute to work every day, you can get in shape, save money and fight pollution. Despite these advantages of cycling, you face unique risks when sharing the road with motorists. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were approximately 467,000 injured bicyclists in 2015. 

Auto industry wants more safety waivers to test driverless cars

Technology companies in California and automobile manufacturers are racing to develop autonomous vehicles. The companies want the federal government to establish the safety standards for driverless cars to avoid a patchwork of state regulations. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration already allows automakers to test vehicles on public roads even if they do not fully meet safety regulations, but only 2,500 vehicles per year can undergo field testing without submitting detailed safety information. Drafted legislation seeks to raise the exemption to 100,000 vehicles to appease the desires of automakers.