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Dangers of driving at night

In California and elsewhere in the United States, the rate of accident-related fatalities are three times higher during the night. This is because there is less sunlight, which makes it harder to see pedestrians and other obstacles that may be on the road. Darkness may also make it harder to judge how much distance is between cars.

Some drivers suffer from a condition called nyctalopia, which makes it more difficult to see at night. Those with cataracts or other eye conditions may be especially susceptible to it. Nyctalopia could create difficulty with peripheral vision and a loss of central vision, which may make it harder to judge where objects are at night. Furthermore, there is often more construction activity at night, which can lead to obstructed roadways.

As people tend to drink more at night, intoxicated drivers may be more common as well. Drivers should be aware of anyone who is on the road and use defensive driving skills. As a general rule, drivers should make sure that they have working lights and brakes when driving at night. They should also be careful with their high beams and keep interior lights on low to prevent windshield glare.

Drowsy, distracted or drunk drivers may be at an increased risk of getting into an accident. Those who have been hurt by such drivers may be entitled to compensation for their medical bills and lost wages. Other damages such as lost future earnings may also be included in a settlement or after a formal trial. An attorney may be able to review a case to determine possible ways to proceed with it.

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