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Fall road conditions can be dangerous for drivers

With the fall season on its way, many California drivers think about the changing of the leaves and pumpkin spice lattes. However, what they may not realize is that fall weather can actually be quite dangerous, particularly because drivers are more likely to encounter different types of road hazards they are not used to.

Fall's changing weather can create hazardous road conditions. For example, the first few fall rain showers can leave puddles of water on the road. Drivers who go too fast over these puddles are at risk for hydroplaning and losing control of their vehicle. As the leaves change color and fall, they can make the road slick, especially when the leaf piles become wet. The leaves and other fall debris can also potentially hide potholes and cracks in the road.

As the mornings grow colder, drivers are more likely to experience fog, which can limit visibility. It can also distort their perception of distance, making them more likely to become involved in an accident that they would have otherwise avoided. Similarly, sun glare in the mornings and evenings can make it difficult to see pedestrians and other vehicles. In some cases, it can even be temporarily blinding.

Motor vehicle collisions can result in serious injuries to the occupants of the vehicles that are involved. These injuries could require lengthy periods of expensive medical treatment and result in an inability to earn a living. If it can be ascertained that the accident was caused by the negligence of another motorist, such as one who was traveling too fast for road or weather conditions, a personal injury attorney could assist in seeking compensation for the losses that a victim has sustained.

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