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The importance of keeping up with traffic

When driving, it is customary to pass other vehicles using the left lane. However, if someone is going too slow in that lane, it may become necessary to pass on the right side of the road. This could lead to confusion and increase the risk of an accident. In fact, California law requires cars on two-lane roads to pull over if there are five or more vehicles trailing it.

Driving while distracted may cause a driver to go below the speed limit or otherwise impede the flow of traffic. In 2009, 20 percent of accidents that resulted in injuries were caused by distracted drivers. Those who are on vacation may slow down to admire the sights such as leaves changing colors. They may also drive slower because they are not familiar with the area.

Drivers who have just gotten their licenses and older motorists may also drive slowly than others. This is because the newly licensed don't have the confidence or familiarity with local traffic patterns to keep up with traffic. Elderly drivers may have trouble putting pressure on the gas pedal, which may result in driving slower than others on the road. Drivers who encounter others going especially slow are encouraged to stay patient and either flash their lights or tap their horn to get a slow driver's attention.

Victims of car accidents caused by distracted drivers may be entitled to compensation. An attorney may be able to help an individual get cash to cover medical bills already incurred or those that may be incurred in the future. It may also be possible to recoup lost wages or lost future earnings. In some cases, a resolution may be possible through a negotiated settlement instead of going to court.

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