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Factors that may increase the risk of a serious accident

California residents may be safer in a newer car as opposed to an older one. This is the conclusion of a research paper written by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Those who operate a vehicle that is 19 years old have a 71-percent greater chance of getting into a fatal accident than those who are driving a vehicle that is three years old or newer.

The risk of being in a fatal accident decreases the newer a car is between those timelines. For instance, those who drive a car that was made four to seven years ago only have a 10-percent greater risk of being in such an accident. The study did control for several variables, such as a driver's blood alcohol content at the time of a crash and what time of day the accident took place.

The type of road a crash that led to death occurred on as well as a driver's age were also considered by researchers. Drivers may reduce their odds of dying in a crash if they wear their seat belt no matter how old their vehicles were. However, failing to wear one may almost eliminate any benefit a driver may get from driving a safer car.

If a person is hurt after a car accident, it may make it harder to go back to work or otherwise live a quality life. However, it may be possible for an injured victim to obtain compensation to pay bills or provide for dependents. An attorney may be able to talk with witnesses or use physical evidence to show that negligence played a role in a car accident. If an individual is killed in a car accident, a victim's family members may file a wrongful death suit on his or her behalf.

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