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Injured while shopping? Take these 3 steps

When you are shopping, you are not expecting to suffer an injury. You are simply out buying food, clothes or other goods. Unfortunately, retail stores are not always up to par. If a store has hazardous conditions, such as an overcrowded aisle or slippery floor, you could sustain an injury while shopping.

So what should you do if this happens? Below is a guide to dealing with the aftermath of a shopping accident.

1. Document the incident

First, you should thoroughly document the accident right after it happens if possible. Take pictures of your injury and the dangerous condition that caused your accident. You should also identify any witnesses who can help attest to your claim.

2. Get medical help

Not only is this the best thing to do for your physical wellbeing and recovery, but it also helps bolster any lawsuit you bring against the retail store. According to wiseGEEK, you will need substantial proof of your injury. A prompt and accurate medical diagnosis is one of the best types of evidence.

3. Get legal help

You should talk to a personal injury attorney about your accident to determine whether it is best to bring a lawsuit forward. An attorney can determine if you have a strong premises liability claim that has these three important elements:

  1. Specific hazard
  2. Serious injury
  3. Property owner failed to clean up the hazard

A lawyer can also help you fight back against a strong defense that the store will likely argue. For example, the store will likely say that there was no dangerous condition, they took steps to resolve it or you did not suffer any injury.

Something as simple as a wet floor, fallen item or loose floor mat can turn your shopping trip into a trip to the hospital. You could end up with unexpected medical bills and lost time from work. If this happens to you, make sure you talk to an attorney.

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