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Smartphones and traffic fatalities

California residents who own smartphones should know that these devices are playing a major role in the rise in traffic fatalities. The number of deaths resulting from motor vehicle accidents has risen sharply by 14.4 percent over the last two years. This is coming after a period of decades during which the number of road deaths had been dropping.

In 2016, more than 100 people died each day in the United States due to vehicle accidents. Analysts have yet to confirm the reason behind the increasing death rate. It should be noted that there has been no drastic increase in the distances people are driving or in the instances of speeding and DUIs.

However, there are factors that point to a cause. They include the significant increase in the use of smartphones while driving, the way drivers use the smartphones while driving and the makeup of the victims of the fatal traffic accidents.

The percentage of people in the United States who possessed an Android phone, iPhone or a similar type of device jumped 6 percent from 2014 to 2016. Additionally, drivers are using their phones in ways that require much more engagement and attention than what is needed to answer a call. Managing photos and reading the news on social media are just two of the tasks for which 70 percent of Americans used their smartphones in 2015. Two years later, that percentage is now at 80 percent.

A personal injury attorney may help a car accident victim obtain the financial compensation they deserve. The lawyer may negotiate with the necessary insurance companies or file lawsuits against the negligent parties responsible.

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