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Ways in which drivers can become distracted

Roads in California and around the country are becoming more dangerous due to the sheer number of distractions a driver will encounter. They include cognitive distraction, visual distraction and manual distraction.

Cognitive distraction occurs when drivers are not focused on the roadway in front of them. For example, they may be more focused on the conversations they are having with passengers or get caught up in a podcast or audio book they may be listening to. Visual distraction occurs when drivers take their eyes off the road, such as by turning to look at their children in the back seat or when they are actively looking at a GPS device. Finally, manual distraction occurs when drivers take their hands off the wheel to either mess with the radio, grab food or reach for a drink. Certain tasks, like texting and driving, involve all three forms of distraction.

Those who wish to avoid distracted driving should turn off their cellphone to avoid the temptation to take calls or answer texts. Those who need to keep a line open should set up a hands-free device that they use only in emergencies. If the kids need something, drivers should pull over to handle the situation rather than doing it while the car is in motion.

Even if a distracted driver causes a car accident that results in catastrophic injuries, the insurance company responsible for paying compensation may try to settle the case by offering as little as possible. A personal injury attorney may negotiate directly with the insurance company by determining the full amount in damages, including medical costs, a person injured in the crash sustained. Usually, a settlement will be reached out of court. In the event the insurance company refuses to settle, the attorney may take the case to court.

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