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November 2017 Archives

Why walking places can be a risky proposition for senior citizens

It has been well-documented that the Coachella Valley area has an extremely high rate of pedestrian deaths. In fact, the rate is four times the national average. It has been attributed to causes such as high speed limits and a large proportion of pedestrians. Interestingly, pedestrian age is also a factor.

Study finds ADHD medication could lower crash risk

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is often characterized by short attention spans as well as impulsiveness, excessive talking, tapping and fidgeting. When people with ADHD get behind the wheel, they are more prone to talk on the phone, text, eat, play with the radio and engage in other activities while driving. Drivers in California should be aware that this condition factors into many car accidents.

Thanksgiving can be a deadly day on the road

Every year, families and friends in California and across the United States gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving, commemorating togetherness, gratitude and the start of the winter holiday season. At the same time, however, Thanksgiving is also accompanied annually by a spiking death rate across the country. It remains elevated throughout the winter before decreasing again in the spring.

Report says many slip and fall accidents caused by flooring

Many California businesses could have dangerous flooring on their properties, according to a new report by commercial insurance and risk management firm CNA. The report indicates that companies may not be taking the type of flooring they use into account when creating fall prevention programs.

Wildlife-related car accidents increase in the autumn

California readers will set their clocks back on Nov. 5, bringing daylight saving time to an end. While this annual fall tradition gives Americans an extra hour of sleep, it also takes away an hour of daylight. This means that the risk of wildlife-related crashes could increase for motorists.