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Addressing impaired driving during December 2017

Impaired driving not only can affect the lives of drivers but also those of passengers and innocent bystanders. Throughout California and the rest of the country, traffic accidents due to alcohol are on the rise, leading to one casualty about every 50 minutes. In 2016, more than 10,000 people died in alcohol-related crashes, which accounted for 28 percent of that year's total number of traffic fatalities. While this number may pale in comparison to 40 years ago when alcohol played a part in two-thirds of traffic fatalities, the fact remains that impaired driving can and should be prevented.

For this reason, the Trump administration has proclaimed December 2017 to be National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. During this month, Americans are encouraged to be more responsible behind the wheel and team up with their schools, churches and community organizations to promote safe driving. Even one drink can impact driver performance, so drivers should be better educated about the risks.

The proclamation mentions some of the ways that the Trump administration confronts the problem of impaired driving. For example, it continues to promote companies that provide ride-hailing services or develop advanced vehicle technology, and it has reduced the regulations for the production of self-driving vehicles. The Trump administration also ensures that law enforcement agencies are able to obtain the resources they need to better protect the roads.

Besides being a criminal act, driving under the influence is reckless. When intoxicated drivers cause a car accident, they face criminal charges and, in many cases, personal injury claims. Victims can speak with a lawyer about how to file a claim and what they might be compensated for. They could even sue for punitive damages. An attorney will first assess the claim and then hire investigators to find evidence of the other party's wrongdoing before proceeding to negotiations. As a last resort, lawyers can help victims with litigation.

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