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Drowsy driving is one of several main causes of crashes

When drivers in California take to the roads, auto accidents are always a concern. The number of car accidents across the United States has increased in both 2015 and 2016, and they total over 6 million annually. Researchers are examining car accidents and their causes in order to understand the issues that contribute to crashes. These studies use both detailed investigation of past accidents and technology to track drivers on the road today.

Research has revealed that there are a few major causes of a large proportion of the car accidents on American roads. Addressing some of these causes can help to lower the number of preventable car crashes. One of the big dangers on the roadway stems from exhaustion, which leads to drowsy driving. Over 35 percent of Americans have reported falling asleep while driving at least once in their lives, and these kinds of accidents amount to 21 percent of the fatal crashes that take place each year. Avoiding driving on insufficient sleep can help cut the risk of these dangerous crashes.

Rear-end accidents are another common type of auto crash. While they are mainly associated with property damage, people can also be injured in these crashes. One key factor in lowering the number of rear-end accidents is for following drivers to keep a safe distance from the car ahead as tailgating increases the chances of a serious and devastating crash.

For people who have been injured in a car accident due to the negligent or dangerous driving or another, the root cause of the accident may be less compelling than urgent medical bills and other expenses. A personal injury lawyer can work with accident victims to pursue compensation for damages caused as a result of the crash.

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