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January 2018 Archives

Distracted driving could soon be even more expensive.

Texting and driving in California and elsewhere has always been dangerous, but now insurance companies are gathering data to use in setting premiums. Insurance giant Allstate, through its Arity subdivision, is monitoring smartphones while cars are moving and may soon seek to implement that data into underwriting decisions.

NHTSA announces summit to combat drug-related DUIs

For many California residents, alcohol is the main culprit for driving under the influence. However, drugged driving has skyrocketed recently due to the national opioid epidemic and increased legalization of marijuana. This surge has led the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to take additional steps to combat DUI by controlled substances.

New report recommends ways to reduce speeding deaths

The National Transportation Safety Board has released a report on the danger of speeding and what can be done to eliminate it. Drivers in California, as elsewhere, may be aware that traffic deaths have increased over the past few years. The trend isn't due to drunk drivers or drivers playing with their smartphones; rather, the blame is entirely on speeders.

Boat accident leads to multiple injuries and a death

California residents may have heard about a casino boat fire in Florida that resulted in the death of a 42-year-old woman. While she and 49 other people on board made it back to shore, the woman eventually sought treatment at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point where she later died. Authorities say that she was one of 15 people who sought treatment in the aftermath of the fire.

Timeliness is important when reporting a car accident

California motorists often have to worry about their safety when they get behind the wheel. Car accidents are unfortunately all too common, whether due to distracted drivers or other kinds of negligence. When a car accident has taken place, it's never convenient. More than that, it can be devastating, causing severe injuries. However, when a driver is involved in a crash, it can be unclear about how the followup needs to be handled in order to meet the requirements of law and insurance policies.

Alaska Airlines faces lawsuit after woman falls down escalator

Whether in California or another state, airports are sometimes the scene of personal injuries. Recently, at an airport in Portland, Oregon, a 75-year-old woman fell down an escalator and died three months later from her injuries; the family is now suing Alaska Airlines and a particular contractor for failure to provide a promised service to the victim.

Beware of parking lot "surprises"

For some people, a parking lot can be just as dangerous, if not more so, than a highway in which trucks and cars whiz by at 80-plus miles per hour. In part, this is because parking lots may confer a false sense of security. After all, cars move slowly, so how dangerous can a lot be?

Avoiding road rage

Road rage is very common in California and in other parts of the country. However, there may be ways to avoid drivers who are experiencing road rage and diffuse the situation before it leads to disaster.

Insurance claims for accident victims of ride-hailing services

California residents rely on drivers hired through Uber or Lyft for transport more than ever before. Because the companies operating the ride-hailing services generally are not responsible for the damages resulting from their workers' accidents, passengers or other parties harmed in a crash must turn to the driver's insurance policy.