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February 2018 Archives

Which bicycles are the safest?

If you ride a bicycle a lot in the Palm Springs area or are considering doing so, you could be wondering, "Which bicycles are the safest?" After all, there have been some innovations in bicycle technology that should render bikes safer.

IIHS report shows benefits of collision avoidance tech

Throughout California and the rest of America, backup collisions are all too common. While there is technology that can help drivers avoid such collisions, it has yet to become a regular feature in new cars. For example, only 5 percent of new vehicles offer rear automatic braking as an add-on.

Modern features that keep drivers safe

Many drivers in California are probably eager for a future of self-driving cars. Tech leaders like Nvidia are producing cutting-edge components, and parts suppliers like Harman International are creating their own futuristic car prototypes. However, it may be years before these become widely available. Moreover, the news can focus so much on the future that it can neglect all the technology that's available here and now.

4/20 marijuana holiday linked to increased car crash deaths

With recreational marijuana legalized in California, people need to be more aware than ever that the drug impairs driving abilities, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The same agency, however, notes that it can be hard to pinpoint the number of car crashes that were caused by marijuana use as drivers tend to combine the drug with alcohol consumption.

Drowsiness a major cause of crashes, says AAA study

In California and the rest of the U.S., drowsy driving is a major hazard. A CDC study reports that more than a third of adults in America get less than the typically recommended seven hours of sleep a night. U.S. government statistics say that only 1 to 2 percent of crashes are caused by drowsy driving, making it considerably less dangerous than DUI or distracted driving. However, a new study says the percentage may actually be higher.

Murder charges follow suicide attempt

A California woman is being held on a $1.5 million bond and has been charged with second-degree murder after reportedly attempting to commit suicide by driving head-on into freeway traffic. Her actions killed a 29-year-old medical student, but a broken leg was her most serious injury. The woman went to jail after being released from the hospital and remains behind bars in Shasta County.

Protect your pet from another dog’s bite

You do your best to protect your loved ones from harm, including your family members that have fur and claws. Most of us think of our pets as members of the family. It can be just as devastating to have another dog attack a beloved cat or dog as it would be for a dog to attack one of our human family members. What can Californians do to keep their pets from suffering harm from someone else’s dog?