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Modern features that keep drivers safe

Many drivers in California are probably eager for a future of self-driving cars. Tech leaders like Nvidia are producing cutting-edge components, and parts suppliers like Harman International are creating their own futuristic car prototypes. However, it may be years before these become widely available. Moreover, the news can focus so much on the future that it can neglect all the technology that's available here and now.

Advanced driver assistance systems have especially seen a few important developments that are already making an impact. For example, most automakers offer collision avoidance systems, such as blind spot alerts and lane departure warning systems. These systems utilize cameras or other sensors to spot dangerous situations and alert the driver; if the driver does not react in time, the system automatically engages the brakes.

These systems are a regular component in vehicles from high-end brands such as Mercedes, Volvo and Audi while mainstream brands like Honda and Chevrolet usually offer them as optional add-ons. Studies have shown that collision avoidance systems can help prevent fatalities and minor fender-benders alike. Though ADAS-based features may not seem exciting and futuristic, they allow for semi-autonomous driving, which is an important bridge toward fully autonomous driving.

Without a collision avoidance system, drivers must be on the lookout for dangers; otherwise, they may cause a car accident out of their own negligence. Whether the at-fault driver was distracted, sleepy or drunk, he or she will be liable for damages. Before filing a claim, the victim may consider getting legal representation. A lawyer could evaluate the claim, calculate a fair settlement and strengthen the case with the help of investigators. All negotiations, and the litigation process if it comes to that, can be handled by the lawyer.

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