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March 2018 Archives

Common causes of traumatic brain injury

Suffering a brain injury can impact many areas of your life, and in severe cases, it may even mean that you or a loved one end up needing a lifetime of medical care and attention. Traumatic brain injuries, which range from mild to severe in nature, can lead to a wealth of sensory and cognitive issues, and while, often, brain injury sufferers experience similar symptoms, their injuries arise from a variety of different circumstances.

Most frequent causes of highway fatalities

Drivers in California should know about the many different causes of highway accidents. Collisions on the highway are often fatal, but there are safety features and systems that one can always take advantage of, such as seat belts, safety seats for young children, and airbags, to reduce the risk of death. Nonetheless, a lot depends on the driver's actions.

Spinal cord injuries lead to lifelong effects

Spinal cord injuries can have devastating and lifelong consequences for people in California who suffer this kind of damage in a workplace injury, car accident, fall or another catastrophic event. Sports can also be a major cause of spinal cord injuries; while brain injuries may be some of the more commonly known serious effects of sports accidents, spinal cord trauma can also result from harsh football tackles or other contact sports. Treatment for spinal cord injuries can be complex and the technologies to improve it are still developing.

Questions about the FIU bridge collapse remain unanswered

California residents may be aware that on March 15, a bridge collapsed at Florida International University, crushing eight vehicles and causing six deaths. The bridge had just been completed five days before the incident occurred. There were still several questions that authorities were trying to answer while the investigation continued.

Premises liability claims come in many forms

California residents may be familiar with the term slip and fall case with regards to personal injury claims and litigation, but there is more to liability claims of this sort than simply slipping and falling somewhere. Injury claims that arise when a property owner is negligent are called premises liability claims, and there are a number of variations within the category.

Daylight saving time often leads to drowsy driving incidents

A recent AAA study suggests that drowsy driving becomes a greater issue in the immediate wake of daylight saving time. Overall, drowsy driving is to blame for at least 10 percent of all car crashes in the U.S. To keep from being another statistic, drivers in California will want to follow a few basic rules.

Learning about soft tissue injuries

The sudden impact of a car accident can jolt the body and cause injuries to the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body. As soft tissue injuries are undetectable by X-ray and hard to diagnose, it's important for California drivers to know what their symptoms are; that way, they can get medical treatment before the healing process is hampered.

Report urges state governors to adopt road safety strategies

Most people who drive in California traffic understand the challenges of avoiding accidents. A report published by the National Governors Association has prepared proven traffic safety strategies for use by state officials. Its authors urge all state governors to take the lead in reducing traffic fatalities.