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Daylight saving time often leads to drowsy driving incidents

A recent AAA study suggests that drowsy driving becomes a greater issue in the immediate wake of daylight saving time. Overall, drowsy driving is to blame for at least 10 percent of all car crashes in the U.S. To keep from being another statistic, drivers in California will want to follow a few basic rules.

The first thing drivers can do is get a good night's sleep the night before they have to set their clocks ahead. If the loss of one hour still leaves them drowsy, they must exercise greater caution, especially when changing lanes, and use their turn signals at all times to warn others who may be just as drowsy. Since the mornings will be darker, drivers should be aware that they need to adjust to new road conditions.

Glare from the sun as it's rising and setting is another factor drivers will need to get used to. They could invest in glasses with polarized lenses or simply rely on their sun visors. With the longer days, more people will also stay out later in the afternoon; this means more car and pedestrian traffic that drivers should look out for during the commute home. During the night, dusk and dawn hours, pedestrians should wear reflective clothes and carry flashlights to increase visibility.

When filing an auto accident claim or wrongful death suit, victims or their families should consider getting legal representation. Otherwise, they may get an inadequate settlement. A lawyer can have third parties investigate the accident, reconstructing it if necessary, and bring together all the proof that the other driver was negligent. Once a fair settlement has been calculated, the lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company.

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