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Learning about soft tissue injuries

The sudden impact of a car accident can jolt the body and cause injuries to the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body. As soft tissue injuries are undetectable by X-ray and hard to diagnose, it's important for California drivers to know what their symptoms are; that way, they can get medical treatment before the healing process is hampered.

When soft tissues are stretched in a car accident, they can become strained, sprained or torn. These injuries could result in chronic aches and pains, inflammation and even bleeding. Others may find that their limbs have a diminished function. Symptoms can appear anywhere from a few hours after an accident to several days later.

An injury to the neck tissue is known as whiplash, and it's often the result of a rear-end collision. Victims usually report a shooting pain in the neck that sometimes reaches to the shoulders and back. The neck may also feel stiff and tingly. Victims may experience headaches, light-headedness and increased fatigue. In serious cases, whiplash leads to disc herniation and joint dysfunction in the spinal cord. Other victims may suffer from PTSD-like symptoms after an accident like depression and nervousness.

When a drowsy, intoxicated or distracted driver causes an accident, he or she might be liable for any damages that the victim incurs. The victim may have a lawyer's team of investigators find evidence of the defendant's negligence while medical experts determine the extent of the victim's injuries. This last step is especially important when soft tissue injuries are involved as they may require rehabilitative care in the future. The lawyer may factor all of this in when estimating a settlement and proceed to negotiations with the other's auto insurance company. Litigation might be left as a last resort.

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