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Most frequent causes of highway fatalities

Drivers in California should know about the many different causes of highway accidents. Collisions on the highway are often fatal, but there are safety features and systems that one can always take advantage of, such as seat belts, safety seats for young children, and airbags, to reduce the risk of death. Nonetheless, a lot depends on the driver's actions.

Many motorists drink lots of alcohol or take certain drugs and medications before getting behind the wheel, which are known to impair driving. Reflexes will slow down, vision will become blurred, and even the perception of speed and distance will be compromised. Drivers could also endanger themselves and others through distracted behavior. Texting, eating, putting on makeup, and adjusting the car's AC or sound system can all lead to an accident. Road rage often plays a part as well.

Other causes of accidents include poor road design and road conditions. Highways may have tight curves and missing or narrow shoulders. Blind intersections are sometimes unavoidable as well. Geographic features often make it impossible for civil engineers to design safer highways. Also, when the roads are wet, drivers have a greater chance of spinning out of control. Rain and snow also reduce a car's visibility.

When drivers suffer injuries in car collisions through no fault of their own, they could consider filing a claim against the other driver's insurance company. If the settlement that is offered is insufficient to cover the injured victim's medical expenses and other losses, then the next step might be the filing of a lawsuit. Having the assistance of an attorney can be advisable.

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