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Report urges state governors to adopt road safety strategies

Most people who drive in California traffic understand the challenges of avoiding accidents. A report published by the National Governors Association has prepared proven traffic safety strategies for use by state officials. Its authors urge all state governors to take the lead in reducing traffic fatalities.

According to the report that was developed in partnership with the Governors Highway Safety Association, the United States needs to take action to reverse the rising death toll on the nation's roads. Although previous decades saw substantial reductions in deadly accidents, the trend has reversed. From 2015 to 2016, deaths in motor vehicle accidents went up by 5.6 percent.

The report asks governors to use their positions of leadership to coordinate the safety efforts of state agencies. By promoting collaboration among various agencies, governors could collect information about the sources of highway hazards and what techniques reduce car crashes. They can apply the suggested strategies in the report as appropriate to the specific challenges within their states. Governors could also guide the development of safety policies with input from agencies and data from the report.

Until any potential improvements begin to show results, the rising rate of car crashes will leave more victims in need of financial relief. A person injured by a negligent driver could make a legal claim for damages. An attorney might support this process by collecting information that illustrates recklessness, such as texting while driving. The financial cost in terms of medical bills, lost income and permanent disability could also be tallied by an attorney so that someone who suffered serious injuries could justify a specific settlement figure.

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