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Human behavior and autonomous vehicles

The programming of autonomous vehicles that are on California roads and elsewhere in the United States are rendering the vehicles unsafe as the programs mimic human behavior. This is according to a computer science professor who teaches in Arizona, the first state in which a pedestrian was struck and killed by a driverless vehicle.

The professor conducts research sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The research focuses on the creation of cyber-physical systems that can ensure how the systems will behave.

According to the professor, the companies that provide programming for the vehicles are employing humans to instruct the vehicles in driving. This presents an issue as humans can make mistakes, and the autonomous vehicles will implement those mistakes in their driving.

The focus of the autonomous vehicle industry seems to be balancing guaranteed safety and a humanlike diving experience. However, the normalization of the humanlike driving is resulting in various safety issues.

The professor states that autonomous cars should only be allowed to travel at a speed that allows them to stop within their range of vision so that the vehicles are able to stop immediately if an obstruction suddenly appears.

The expectations that are associated with human drivers and autonomous vehicles are very different. Humans are known to make mistakes, which makes the accidents they cause very unfortunate but somewhat expected. However, autonomous vehicles are expected to be error free, and any accidents for which they may be responsible places the entire autonomous industry in jeopardy.

Individuals who are injured in car accidents may consult a personal injury attorney about their legal options. A lawyer may consider the factors surrounding the accident and advise victims to pursue financial compensation from various parties for their injuries that were caused by vehicle malfunctions or irresponsible driving behaviors.

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